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5 AI tools beyond ChatGPT to Boost Your Productivity in 2023

5 AI tools beyond ChatGPT to Boost Your Productivity in 2023

Nov 30, 2023

In an era where information is the new currency, having the right tools to manage and access it efficiently is crucial for success. ChatGPT, since its debut in November 2022, has garnered significant attention globally. It utilizes artificial intelligence to mimic human-like task execution. It offers a range from automating mundane tasks to brainstorming ideas. However, this AI boon comes with its set of constraints:

  • Limited access to factual information
  • Unavailability of file support
  • Challenges in grasping context
  • Incomplete outputs for extended write-ups

Today we will introduce 5 apps can streamline various tasks:

  • Swiftly reading through lengthy documents and extracting summaries.
  • Converting text into PowerPoint presentations.
  • Composing blog articles.
  • Crafting marketing copy.
  • Rewriting content to facilitate brainstorming.

1. ChatDOC

ChatDOC is the best "chat with pdf" app for reading professional documents. It can provide unparalleled accurate AI answers. You can simply upload lengthy files, and chat with them, quickly get AI responses with cited sources. It can be used to obtain needed information, select text or tables for AI analysis, and even start threads to delve into deeper knowledge. Every response generated by ChatDOC is backed with citations, which users can review for accuracy by clicking on page references or footnotes.



  • Direct chat interface for querying documents to obtain necessary information.
  • Mastery over tables: Simply select any table / formula / text, and dive right into the details.
  • Multi-file chat: Interact with numerous files simultaneously.
  • Citation-backed responses: All answers are supported by direct quotes pulled from the source documents.
  • Broad format support: Works seamlessly with PDF, doc/docx, scanned files, ePub, html, txt, and markdown formats.
  • OCR for scanned files: Optical character recognition.
  • Thread: Ask follow-up questions for in-depth exploration of knowledge.

2. Jasper

Jasper AI serves as a streamlined content creation assistant, requiring merely straightforward inputs to conjure up original, high-grade content. With Jasper at your disposal, crafting diverse content such as blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy becomes a breeze.



  • Brand Voice Integration: Customizes AI-generated content to align with your brand's identity, tone, and style.
  • Product Description Generation: Crafts compelling descriptions highlighting product features and benefits.
  • Versatile Marketing Copy Creation: Generates various marketing copies including social media captions, ad copy, and email subject lines, tailored to different marketing channels.

3. Texta

Texta is a remarkable tool driven by artificial intelligence to accelerate the process of content creation across a variety of categories. Whether you need engaging blog content, compelling digital ad copy, or persuasive sales copy, is designed to simplify and expedite the content generation process, making it an invaluable asset for both individual creators and content teams.



  • Quick Content Generation: With just a topic input, provides ready-to-publish content within seconds, streamlining the content creation process significantly.
  • Collaborative Features: Offers a platform for team members to collaborate, brainstorm, and overcome writer's block together, fostering a conducive environment for creative content generation.
  • Multilingual Support: The ability to create content in multiple languages broadens the scope and reach of your content, making a versatile tool in a global market scenario.

4. Gamma

Gamma app is a platform powered by AI to generate presentations, documents, and webpages swiftly. It allows users to create polished content with one-click templates and no-code editing.



  • Swift generation of presentations, documents, and webpages with AI, featuring one-click templates and no-code editing for polished content creation.
  • Emphasizes breaking down text into engaging, interactive, bite-sized pieces for enhanced audience retention and comprehension.
  • Facilitates live presentations or webpage sharing across various devices, fostering collaboration through comments and ensuring brand-aligned, professional-looking content.

5. Claude

Claude is a next-generation AI assistant based on Anthropic’s research into training helpful, honest, and harmless AI systems. Accessible via a chat interface and an API on our developer console, Claude excels in a myriad of conversational and text processing tasks, all while ensuring a high level of reliability and predictability.



  • Versatile in handling a wide range of text processing and conversational tasks with high reliability and predictability.
  • Supports various use cases like summarization, search, and creative writing, enhancing user interaction and output steerability.
  • Adaptable to user directives on personality, tone, and behavior, ensuring a personalized and effective assistance experience.
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