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ChatDOC VS ChatPDF: Differences and Similarities

In the realm of AI-powered document reading assistants, ChatDOC and ChatPDF stand out as two prominent contenders. These tools offer users the ability to interact with documents, extract information, and gain insights without the need for exhaustive reading. Before delving into the specifics of these two tools, let's first provide a comprehensive comparison between them.


ChatDOC: Your Ultimate File-Reading Assistant

ChatDOC is a ChatGPT-based file-reading assistant designed to help everyone quickly analyze long documents, understand content, and get inspiration. Here are some basic functions of ChatDOC:

Versatile Document Chat

Engage in conversations with documents of different formats and receive reliable AI responses. Users can inquire about their files and obtain the necessary information. Additionally, they can click on page references or footnotes to verify the accuracy of AI interpretations.


Select, Click, Ask

Select any text / table / formula / image /chart content with the mouse to ask targeted questions, and have AI explain it.



Besides single-doc chat, you can also chat with a folder of files, which can work as an AI specialist with domain knowledge.


Follow-up Question

Click on the「follow up」button to ask questions multiple times until you receive a satisfactory answer; And you can choose whether the answers are based on file or not.


Browser extension

Download Chrome and Edge browser plugins and use ChatDOC when reading papers online.


Apart from that, ChatDOC also excellences in the following aspects which other AI reading tools cannot replace.

Formula and image recognition

Click the button at the top left corner, and select the content you may have problems with. AI will explain its meaning based on the whole passage and give more clear examples to make sure you understand thoroughly.


GPT-4 answers

Turn on the button and let GPT-4 provide more reliable answers for you.
All answers are substantiated: answers are based on the text and support tracing back to the specific location of the cited original text, ensuring accuracy.


Free plan

Users are provided with a free plan which can use forever, and they can decide to upgrade to the pro plan if needed to unlock more functions.


ChatPDF: Your Essential PDF Companion

ChatPDF is the also one of the most popular PDF AI reading tools, it also people to chat with PDF and quickly extract information without having to read the entire text document end-to-end. Here are some of its main features:

Simple page

With its user-friendly chat interface, user can easily select the text and ask ChatPDF to explain, conclude or rewrite it.


Explore a PDF in depth

While ChatPDF allows users to upload multiple PDFs, it only processes one PDF at a time.


Free plan

ChatPDF offers a free plan that allows you to upload 2 PDFs every day, and the plus plan costs ₩9,399 per month or ₩65,799 per year.

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