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Top 5 GPTs For Productivity You Can't Miss in 2024

Top 5 GPTs For Productivity You Can't Miss in 2024

GPTs are small app add-ons that can be integrated into ChatGPT, enhancing your app experience by providing additional tools to boost productivity. While ChatGPT itself can answer some questions and assist with writing and information retrieval, integrating specific GPTs allows you to enhance efficiency tailoring to your needs.

Here are top 5 GPTs to help with productivity inside ChatGPT you can't miss in 2024.

1. ChatDOC

ChatDOC is a GPT that allows you to chat with your files from research papers, financial reports, legal contracts to product manuals. You can chat with single file or multiple files in a collection, and then let AI summarize long documents, explain complex concepts or find key information in seconds.

You can also go head to the official product website of ChatDOC for a more perfect experience. The biggest highlight of ChatDOC is its reliability, reflected in its accurate recognition ability and one-click tracing to the original texts.

Besides, ChatDOC now supports chatting with images, which let AI help comprehend and explain image content.


2. Scholar AI

Scholar AI is an AI scientist, assisting you to search and analyze text, figures, and tables from 200M+ research papers and books from peer-reviewed journals to generate new hypotheses.

scolar AI_副本.png

3. Consensus

Consensus is an AI research tool for students and those seeking deeper learning. By integrating Consensus into ChatGPT, you can ask questions and receive science-based answers from scanning over 200 million academic papers.

While standard ChatGPT can provide answers, the app extension Consensus ensures access to science-based responses, which is a valuable addition to obtaining academic answers with certainty.


4. Calendar GPT

Calendar GPT enables you to integrate your calendar with ChatGPT. By connecting your calendar data, it can provide you with details when you ask questions. Simply ask questions like "What's on my schedule today?" Calendar GPT will then relay the relevant information.

This feature is beneficial for frequent ChatGPT users, allowing you to easily check your calendar details throughout the day by asking straightforward questions.


5. Video GPT by VEED

Video GPT by Veed is a video-generating GPT for social media - Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and more. Input short prompts and a few clarificatory questions, veed GPT will generate a promotional video within seconds with a voiceover and subtitles.


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